SCADA Solar Panel Row

The RRC SCADA Engineering Group has participated in the communication network design and PPC/HMI programming for over 2 GW of solar and wind projects.

• Communication Network Design
• Power Plant Controller and HMI Programming
• MET Station, Inverter, and Sensor Integration
• SCADA System Commissioning
• Substation SCADA and HMI Design
• Procurement of Hardware (Communication Network Panels, Substation Communication Racks, and Power Plant Controllers)
• Procurement of Software (Wonderware System Platform and Historian, Ignition SCADA, Allen-Bradley Studio 5000, Schneider Electric Unity Pro, and Associated Licenses)
• Customized Sensor Mounting Solutions
• MET Station Design, Installation, and Commission
• SCADA for Energy Storage Projects

Power Plant Controller and HMI Programming
RRC delivers SCADA/HMI solutions that connect to any existing cloud-based storage solution via standard industrial communication protocols. Our systems are built from non-proprietary, open-source hardware and software, enabling our clients to remain flexible with their service providers. Our systems are fully customizable to client needs and allow maintenance and support staff to add screens, tags, and functions online preventing plant downtime.

Features of our Power Plant Controller include:
• Power Factor/VAR Control
• Voltage Control (Customer Droop Curve Optional)
• Frequency Control
• Active Power Curtailment
• Real/Reactive Power Prioritization
• Individual/Aggregate Generator Control and Manual Output Targets
• Local (HMI) and Remote (Control Center) Setpoint Control
• Integrated Tracker Control (Angle/Stow/Cleaning)
• Capacitor Bank Insertion/Removal
• Performance Calculations

• Wonderware Certified Developers
• Ignition SCADA Registered Integrator

Specialties include Wonderware System Platform, Intouch, Siemens WinCC, Siemens SICAM PAS, Schneider Modicon, and Allen Bradley ControlLogix.

Communication Network Design
Our engineering designs minimize the final cost of building secure communication networks for wind and solar projects while meeting client needs. Our team is fully integrated with RRC’s Electrical Design Group, keeping us in sync with the latest design updates and reducing external coordination. Additionally, we work with UL508 panel shops to fabricate our designs for Comm. Network, string monitoring, and other panel types to deliver products on time and in-compliance with safety codes and client standards.

Customer Service and Support
RRC’s SCADA Group is a boutique consultancy that focuses on client support. Establishing remote “jump hosts” to our client sites allows us to provide constant support without the need to be physically present on-site, saving our clients time and money. We are readily available during the commissioning process, both on and off-site, to maintain client construction and commissioning schedules in all but the most extreme of circumstances. Our dedication to using open source platforms prevents unnecessary dependencies. This also allows our clients to focus on operations instead of learning proprietary software and their interfaces. Our high-performance HMI design philosophy and S88 adherent PLC programs reduce overall training time by producing visually minimalistic and simply organized programs and HMIs, while achieving client design goals.