Two employees in safety gear testing materials at wind turbine site

Construction Materials Testing

Our construction materials testing (CMT) and laboratory testing services provide verification that a project has been constructed in accordance with the engineer’s design. We maintain a staff of qualified and certified field technicians who follow site specifications by testing and observing construction of projects throughout the continental United States and into Canada. Our staff has extensive experience in observing and testing excavations, reinforcing steel, roadways, concrete, backfill, grouting, and many other site-related operations. Registered Professional Engineers supervise our technicians, whose on-site presence help act as the eyes and ears of the engineers. Our integrated team of engineers and field technicians enable our clients to anticipate and minimize potential issues and delays while keeping a close watch on schedules and costs.

When working on projects that are not physically close to our partner laboratories, we have the ability to establish an on-site laboratory for the proper curing and testing of concrete specimens with site-calibrated equipment. This service provides immediate concrete and grout break data to the project, as well as reducing the likelihood of specimen damage during transportation.


Services provided by the CMT group include:

  • Foundation Excavation Evaluation and Bearing Capacity Verification
  • Roadway Testing, Inspection, and Verification
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement Verification
  • Field Concrete Sampling and Testing
  • Backfill Compaction Testing (Nuclear Method)
  • Field Grout Sampling and Testing
  • Onsite Laboratory Testing of Concrete and Grout Compressive Strengths
  • Other Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services, such as Consultations and Root Cause Determinations related to Material Deficiencies