Project Management Services

RRC employs a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to engineering projects with a single point of contact for coordination and design responsibilities.

At RRC, we value innovation and offer a unique, concurrent engineering package that allows for various engineering disciplines to occur simultaneously. The package saves valuable overall project time and enhances interaction between engineering disciplines. Our streamlined Multi-Discipline Project Management package offers one point of contact managing various disciplines needed for your project. Our concurrent engineering packages can often save weeks on the project schedule.

Package Benefits

  • Single point of contact
  • Reduced overall project costs
  • Minimized project risks
  • Significant time savings for project schedule
  • Streamlined communication and collaboration

The RRC Difference

The difference starts with the way our team approaches your project timeline. Instead of a linear approach separated by the need to coordinate between different companies handling various disciplines, RRC can stack different service activities and communicate results internally to save our clients time and coordination efforts. The central contact simplifies communication between the disciplines and reduces project uncertainties and risks.

Do you have questions about our Multidisciplinary Project Management Services?

Contact Joe Bollinger, Director of Project Management