Aerial view of a wind farm

Geotechnical Engineering

The recommendations of a Geotechnical Engineer influence most other engineering or construction disciplines on a project. Their findings can have significant impacts on the construction costs of foundation structures, roadway designs, electrical collection system designs, and more. Recognizing this influence, RRC offers in-house, combined engineering and technical services including structural, electrical, civil engineering, and construction materials testing. Working side-by-side with these other services makes our Geotechnical Group uniquely qualified to understand the critical importance of how their data and design recommendations are used by other services. Our Geotechnical Engineers then specialize their investigations and design recommendations to result in economical and robust renewable energy projects.


Our Geotechnical services include:

  • Subsurface Exploration and Testing
  • Foundation Analyses and Design
  • Recommendations for Earth Structures
  • Soil Stabilization and Ground Improvements
  • Pavement Evaluation and Thickness Recommendations
  • Recommendations for Materials Selection
  • Driven Pile Foundation Testing and Optimization