Implementing Your Project, Your Vision

We help you to evaluate, conceptualize, plan, and design your vision for renewable energy projects.

Conceptual Design

We help our clients to conceive and acquire investment-grade Solar, Wind, and Battery Energy Storage projects by providing conceptual system modeling and design customized to their needs. Our experienced team helps clients address all of their facility design requirements.

With us, our clients are able to shorten the learning curve within the solar project development and execution process, enabling them to develop, acquire, or finance viable assets with the highest levels of confidence.

Technical Due Diligence

Whether our client develops a project from the start or acquires one already developed or built, we can perform a comprehensive technical due diligence review to ensure the best value for the money invested.

Project Development Technical Advisor

We partner with our clients to conceptualize, optimize, develop and manage aspects of their projects to ensure their technical and economic viability. In support of project risk assessment, we advise on key technical components required to get a project to market.

Our Services

We support our clients with the following services:

  • Conceptual Layout
  • Civil Preliminary Site Design
  • Preliminary Grading Plan
  • Electrical Preliminary Plan Design
  • Constraint Maps
  • Site Feasibility Studies
    • ALTA Survey
    • Boundary Survey
    • Topographic Survey
    • Hydrological Studies
    • Geotechnical
  • Energy Simulations
  • Interconnection Studies
  • EPC and Main Equipment Bid Support
  • Scheduling Support
  • Development Risk Assessment
  • Substation/Transmission Line Preliminary Design