RRC employee in safety gear review information on tablet at wind foundation site

RRC is a proud member of ISNetworld and Avetta+BROWZ.




RRC takes safety seriously. We want every person involved in our projects to make it home each day healthy and happy. We also understand that safety affects our business and yours. Clients rightfully expect safe and reliable services from their vendors.

RRC staff work in widely variable work environments. From office to field, coast to coast, different environments produce a variety of unsafe situations. We prepare our staff based on the circumstances of their work type and safety hazards. We embolden staff to make decisions with safety being the number one priority.

RRC has an internal safety committee dedicated to creating and sustaining safe work environments. Committee members consist of field and office personnel as well as supervisors.

If you have any questions about Safety at RRC, please contact Louis Anaya, PE, RRC’s Safety Coordinator.