All examples of photographs
taken by RRC staff

The Theme

Life at RRC: The Great Work We Do & The Great People We Work With

For this contest, we invite all current RRC employees to share what life is like at RRC! From soaring wind turbines to surveying landscape to productive office meetings, your photographs will be a window into what it’s like to work at RRC. Although there can only be 3 winners, there is a possibility that any number of the submissions will be used in future marketing works.

Submitted photographs will be showcased both internally and externally.

Silhouette of two RRC surveyors in the field

Picture Perfect

Take picture perfect photographs with a few tips from the professionals, read more.

Send in your 10 best images that fit the theme “Life at RRC”
for a chance to win a $300 Amazon gift card!

Current RRC & FSP employees only

Contest runs from June 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 midnight CST.

The Prize

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 images submitted. Judging will be based on creativity, originality, and in accordance to the theme. The winner will be selected by a panel of RRC employees.

First Place: $300 Amazon Gift Card

Second Place: $150 Amazon Gift Card

Third Place: $75 Amazon Gift Card

Two employees in safety gear testing materials at wind turbine site

Employee Release Form

All participants must complete the latest RRC Photo/Video Release & Consent Form granting use. Submit completed forms here.

RRC Surveying, LLC

RRC Power & Energy, LLC

The Rules

  1. All photos must be unaltered, original work, taken by the entrants.
  2. Limit 10 submissions per employee.
  3. Only photography shot after June 1, 2020 may be submitted.
  4. Photographs must by submitted via the online form below by December 31, 2020 midnight CST to be eligible for the contest.
  5. All submitted photographs must include a description including the RRC project title, location, RRC employee names, etc.
  6. All participants (photographers and subjects) must complete and submit the latest version of the RRC Photo/Video Release & Consent Form_2020 in the affirmative before the contest end date (December 31, 2020) to be eligible. Submit completed forms here. 
  7. Photographs taken while with previous employer/non RRC projects are not eligible – photographs can only include RRC projects and RRC staff.
  8. The photographs will be anonymous during judging. One employee is eligible to win multiple prizes from different winning images.
  9. No added filters or altered images.
  10. Drone images are allowed and welcomed.
  11. Entries cannot be submitted by a team/group, only individually.
  12. BE SAFE. The health of yourself, your coworkers, and the project come first. Do not put yourself in harms way for a photograph. Do not create a disruption for a photograph.
  13. By submitting a photograph, you agree to the full Terms, Conditions & Rules.

Submit A Photo





    Contest limited to 10 images per employee. Size limit is 10MB.