RRC has the expertise and tools to evaluate the feasibility, options, and optimum configuration for your next solar project. From laying out the array to designing the complete collector system, we have ability to meet your needs for constructability, O&M cost, or energy production.

RRC can provide a basic feasibility study covering:
• Assessment of needs like Time-of-Day pricing, peak output, and specific land features
• Desktop geotechnical assessment
• Solar Resource Assessment and basic Economic Evaluation including LCOE & ROI analysis on basic designs
• Energy Production Modeling (8760 Analysis, P50-P90 Probabilistic Evaluations)

The second step is a 30% design and option evaluation, which helps to make critical decisions early and narrow in on likely choices for the optimum design. We can help navigate:
• Site and System Layout
• Shading Analysis
• Power Prediction / Loss Estimates
• System Performance Analysis / Degradation Analysis
• Tracking System Recommendation – Fixed, 1 Axis and 2 Axis

Next, we proceed with the detailed design of the optimized field, resulting in final stamped designs ready for procurement and construction:

• Modules / Inverter Matching, Selection, and Engineering
• Array Optimization (Tilt, Azimuth, and Inter-row Spacing)
• DC and AC Collector System Design and Optimization

We also have experience with Battery Storage System Integration, production and analysis of Bifacial PV systems, Landfill Designs, and integration of CITC tax advantaged equipment.

We can also provide services as a project ages, including consulting on issues like project decommissioning and salvage planning.