Silhouette of an oil drill rig against the sunset

Oil & Gas

RRC provides multi-disciplinary services to the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. We deliver exceptional value to some of the leading companies in the industry and understand how our capabilities relate to the project. Our timely and quality deliverables help our clients keep their projects on time and on budget. Our qualified staff and certified facilities set us apart from our competitors.

RRC has been directly involved in an extensive number of oil and gas related projects. We have surveyed thousands of well locations and pipelines as well as providing geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services to foster numerous successful projects. RRC is also actively listed with several contracting entities, such as ISNetworld, PICs, and BROWZ. We work with numerous contractors to perform QA/QC during construction, weld inspections, and design review. Typical projects include tank batteries, pump stations, compressor stations, and refineries.


Our services provided for Oil & Gas projects include: