SCADA Solar Panel Row

SCADA Design

The RRC SCADA group has provided communication network designs and PPC/HMI programming for over 800 MW of installed solar and wind energy capacity. The group offers extensive services across the full scope of project SCADA and has delivered 170+ SCADA panels and over 300 sensors of various types to date.

• Communication Network Design
• Power Plant Controller and HMI programming
• MET station, inverter, and sensor integration
• SCADA system commissioning
• Procurement of hardware
• Procurement of software
• Customized sensor mounting solutions

Communication Network Design
With expertise in SCADA project management, we help our customers minimize the cost of building secure communication channels customized for the needs of our clients. The SCADA group is proficient in designing communication networks of collector systems for both wind and solar projects. The group works closely with our electrical design group to support the integration of SCADA communication design in the early stages of planning. We partner with several UL508 certified panel shops to manufacture various types of panels and mounting accessories, such as communication network panels, string monitoring panels, and metrological station panels.

Specialties include Wonderware System Platform, Intouch, Siemens WinCC, Siemens SICAM PAS, Schneider Modicon, and Allen Bradley ControlLogix.

Power Plant Controller & HMI Programming
RRC provides logical control, HMI interface, data historization, alarm and event logging, performance trending, and reporting in a single integrated system available with three typical packages based on project energy capacity.

Three package options:
Bronze: <10MW
Silver: 10MW – 75MW
Gold: >75MW

Logical control services offered include, but are not limited to, power factor/VAr control, voltage control, output control, and curtailment by utilizing Schneider Modicon or Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs.

With expertise in industrial SCADA HMI software, such as Wondeware Intouch and Siemens WinCC, RRC delivers a customized HMI screen with detailed graphical and tabular displays that meet all user requirements.