Civil Engineering

RRC can take a project from conceptual design through construction support with our developed expertise in a broad range of services.

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Construction Materials Testing

We maintain a staff of qualified and certified field technicians capable of properly following site specifications by testing and inspecting the construction of projects.

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Electrical Engineering

We design systems that are economical, safe, and reliable. No matter the size of the project, we endeavor to provide outstanding and responsive electrical engineering services.

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Geotechnical Engineering

We are able to define and mitigate the risks associated with constructing a project on a given geologic condition and provide unique solutions to ground improvements.

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Geotechnical Laboratory

Our accredited and state of the art laboratories in Round Rock, TX and Midland, TX give us the ability to test and evaluate large varieties of raw materials, additives, and additional products and materials.

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Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering group utilizes complex structural analysis software to provide the highest value to project owners and contractors.

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Land Surveying

We provide a wide range of land surveying services, from development and construction of commercial and industrial projects to oil and gas related surveys.

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